2022 Activities (activities are subject to change seasons)

Basketball focuses on the needed skills of dribbling, shooting, passing and team play. Courts are different lengths and rules are modified depending on age and skill levels.

Athletes learn and practice basic bowling skills. It is a sport that athletes can play for a lifetime as part of a group or individually. Athletes are divided into teams according to age and ability. Modifications are made on an individual basis to allow athletes to succeed and learn about the game. Bowling ramps and gutter guards are available for those who need them .

This league is designed for the intermediate ballplayer. Athletes continue to work on basic skills, but instead of hitting a ball off of a tee, they hit a ball pitched by a coach.

Participants learn the basics of performing and all aspects of theatre. A production follows the season..

Participants will spend 30 minutes a week learning how to bait a hook, cast a line and hopefully catch some fish!

Floor hockey is played on a gymnasium floor with participants wearing tennis shoes. Plastic pucks are used. Helmets and sticks are provided to participants. Participants must bring their own shin guards.

The TASK golf program focuses on skills including grip, swing patterns, driving and putting. Each week athletes alternate between using the driving range, practice putting greens and a miniature golf course. A station approach is used to focus on the skills listed above. Golf clubs and other equipment are provided, although athletes may bring their own.

Participants work on basic tennis skills including serving, volleying, and coordination and modified game play. Rackets will be provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own.

Kickball is a sport that focuses on running, kicking, catching and throwing a typical playground ball. Participants are divided into teams and games are played and modified as needed.n.

This program is designed for the more advanced ballplayer. Again, athletes continue to work on the skills of the sport. Players are typically more skilled than coach pitch players and have a greater level of independence in offense and defense..

TASK soccer focuses on skills such as dribbling, shooting, goal keeping, throw-ins and teamwork. It also increases fitness and stamina for each player. Teams are determined according to age level and ability. Part of each session is devoted to skill building; during the remaining time athletes put their skills into practice by playing in a soccer game. Modifications are made on an individual basis so that each athlete can succeed and learn the game.

TASK CLUBS - All Access
Our Cooking, Drama, Art, Science and Fitness (walking), and TASK Up clubs are on Tuesdays! By signing up for the All-Access Pass, you'll be able to attend all six clubs for a discounted price

This program is for the beginning ballplayer. Athletes work on basic skills such as throwing, catching, fielding, hitting and base running. All ballplayers participate in game situations and hit a ball off of a tee.

This program will focus on basic track and field activities including running, jumping and throwing. Participants will compete in "mini" meets throughout the session..

Participants practice volleyball skills of bumping, serving and game play. A station approach is used and participants play games as time allows. Volleyballs are modified in size.

Zumba is a dance fitness program that involves dance and aerobic elements. Classes are modified to meet the participant’s needs. .


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