Our Volunteers

Who are our volunteers?
Volunteers must be at least 14 years old; there are exceptions when volunteering with a group (e.g., youth groups, Girl Scouts). Volunteers range in age from teenagers to seasoned adults. Volunteers also have a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Some volunteers come to TASK with no experience at all, many of which are high school students who enjoy working with peers and young children. Other volunteers are currently pursuing undergraduate degrees or professional programs such as occupational therapy, physical therapy and recreational therapy. We also have volunteers who work in the fields of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and special education, as well as adults who have no ties to the special needs community in their professional careers.

Whether you have absolutely no experience or an exceptionally large amount of experience working with people with disabilities, if you have a positive attitude, are reliable, and like working with children, teenagers, and young adults with various disabilities, you would be a great volunteer at TASK! Read TASK Volunteer Procedures and Policies Manual. Please note: TASK is not a provider for court-ordered service hours, only service hours for schools, organizations or businesses

Why are volunteers VITAL to TASK?
TASK is primarily run by dedicated volunteers who support and guide athletes during TASK activities, make-up our Board of Directors and serve on planning committees. Through our volunteers and philanthropic organizations, TASK is a reality.

Many participants at TASK need one-on-one support to participate in an activity. Without volunteer support, our athletes would be unable to participate. Only through having enough volunteers are we able to have enough support for every athlete to achieve their dreams.

Why is volunteering beneficial to me?

There are many benefits to volunteering besides gathering volunteer hours. Being a volunteer, you are making a difference in the lives of our participants. TASK is the only place where many of our athletes get to play sports or participate in this type of programming due to a variety of levels of ability. Although at times it can be challenging, there is nothing better than seeing the excitement and smiles on the faces of athletes who completed an activity with the support of the volunteers!

What will I be doing as a TASK volunteer?
We have a variety of volunteer opportunities at TASK.  Most common, you will be paired with a participant, or a group of participants and your job is to lead and assist them through the activity.