How to Volunteer

We have many opportunities for your to volunteer. TASK runs weekly programs that each meet for 6 weeks, summer camps and mini camps and social clubs. See the calendar for the current activities. Read TASK Volunteer Procedures and Policies Manual. Please note: TASK is not a provider for court-ordered service hours, only service hours for schools, organizations or businesses

If you want to volunteer for TASK, these requirements are non-negotiable:

1. You must be an approved volunteer. The parents of our athletes put their trust in us. Therefore, we do not allow "walk-in" volunteers. Before volunteering for any programming involving our athletes, volunteers MUST fill out an application and have it approved by TASK staff. Only after an applicant receives approval are they qualified to volunteer with TASK. The application can be found here.

2. You must arrive on time. Volunteering for TASK includes setting up, tearing down, and coaching. In order for the coaching to be the best it can be, the Program Coordinator will need to be able to go over the plan for the evening with all volunteers.

3. You must be in a GREAT mood. If you aren't, fake it! At TASK, YOU are the role model. If you are grumpy and mean, our athletes are going to be grumpy and mean. If you complain about the heat, our athletes are going to complain about the heat. Just put a smile on and do your best to encourage positive behavior.

In addition to the non-negotiables, we also ask that you:

Try to make a six week commitment. We know that TASK is not a top priority for everyone. And it shouldn't be; not when school, family, work, and health come into play. However, we'd love it if you could come to one program for six weeks rather than come to six different programs over the span of two weeks. There are a few reasons we ask this. Most importantly, it gives our athletes a sense of consistency. In some cases, this is a very big deal. Imagine every time you went to practice, you had a completely different coach. Wouldn't be ideal, would it? Also, it makes volunteer coordination more efficient. TASK can spend more time on the substance of the program instead of making sure we know which volunteers are coming.

Never assume TASK activities are canceled. Just because it's raining where you live doesn't mean it's raining here. And just because it's raining here doesn't mean we won't have TASK. One of the benefits of having our own property is our ability to bring the outdoors in. So, if you think there's a chance we might cancel an event, check the website or call the TASK hotline (636.343.8275 then dial 2 when the recording begins).


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