Why Next Steps?

For many young adults with special needs, life after school can leave them with nowhere to spend their days.  Employment may not be an option and parents need to be able to work.  For many of these young adults more training is needed to increase their independence.

At TASK, we have a program that can meet this need.  Our program is built around activities in the areas of life skills, social skills, per-vocational and communication skills, self-help skills and overall education and independent living goals.

Since 1996, TASK has provided social, athletic and recreational programs to individuals with special needs.  We believe that building skills leads to higher self-esteem, and this belief carries over to our adult day programming- TASK Next Steps.


Who can enroll?


This program is designed for adults aged 18 and over.  All applicants must go through the application process to make sure we can meet his or her needs


Where is the program located?

  Next Steps is run out of our facility in Fenton Missouri. Participants occasionally leave the campus and practice life skills and social skills in the community.


A typical day in our Next Steps program…


Every day the Next Step program follows the same routine. The participants arrive and participate in a physical activity to wake up and get moving.  From here, they will go into their morning meeting. This is where they go over the events and jobs for the day as well as participate in educational activities including weather, calendar updating, and current events. Throughout the day the participants will have opportunities to practice their social skills through games and activities. They will have the opportunity to learn self-help and life skills such as personal hygiene, cooking, laundry and cleaning.

Each day, the participants are assigned tasks around the campus that they will complete. This is our way of introducing job training to the participants. Communication skills are also worked on so that each participant can learn about respecting his or her boss, working alongside coworkers, and working on communication etc. In addition, we include art, music and movement into our afternoons to finish up the day.


Outings and Community Involvement

  About once a week, the participants will go out into the community. Some-times they will go out to eat at a restaurant to practice the self-help skills necessary to order food and pay their bill. Other times they may be visiting local businesses to learn about what they do, or volunteering at another nonprofit in the area. We also will take the participants out for recreational activities such as bowling or hiking. This gives the participants the chance to practice their life and social skills while also being a member of the community.

Length of Program

The program runs 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday.  We meet from August 1 to May 31.  

How to be a part of Next Steps

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Next Steps program, please call the TASK office at 636.343.8275 for information on how to apply.